R&D center collects a group of senior talents in the field, and half of them have bachelor degree or above. We have established long-term cooperation with Shanghai Pesticide Research Institute, South China Agricultural University, Shenyang Chemical Industry Research Institute, Hebei PesticideUniversity and other scientific research colleges and universities. The company invites experts as perennial R&D consultant aiming to become the first-class R&D laboratory in domestic agrochemical industry.

    The company provides efficient monomer adjuvant and finished product formulation adjuvant, in addition to internal researches, we can also provide external technical support services throughout the year.

    We have domestic advanced analysis instrument: NMR-300, LC-MS, liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer, laser particle analyzer, flow AABR, electron microscope, conductivity meter, moisture meter, naphthaometer, pH meter, viscosity measurer, shoker (peeling rate determination of good seed), offcenter settlement meter (centrifugal stability determination), thermostatic water bath, water bath tube heating apparatus (emulsion analysis), air dry oven (product heat storage test), frozen deepfreeze (product low temperature storage test), density meter, electronic balance and other detecting instrument and international advanced instruments and equipment. We can do research and development on 15 kinds of formulations including SC, SL, EC, WG, GR, WP, etc, and have over 3,000 formulas.

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